Thursday, April 2, 2015

We're doing well

It seems so strange to be writing that, but we are.  Monday's appointment and NT scan went perfectly with baby measuring about 12 weeks so still 2 days behind but I'm not worrying about that anymore.  The heartbeat was pumping along at 163 bpm and the nuchal fold measured great at 1.6.  No news is good news on the blood work, but I think I'll call next week just to confirm the results.

My doc didn't see a reason to do the Verifi testing especially because she didn't think my insurance would cover it. I'm not high risk or over 35. She said it could cost about $800 and that we should save our money. Also, if the blood work from Monday comes back with any red flags, we could then decide to do the extra test and it would be covered by insurance at that point. So I was totally on board with that plan.  Plus, if we're dying to know the sex early, I can call my RE's office to get the results of the PGS testing.  Surprisingly, I'm not worried about the sex at all.

I mean, I want to know eventually, but right now...I'm taking it one day at a time and hoping for one healthy check up after the other. Truly it's the least of my worries.

We've been using the Doppler here and there to ease my mind whenever I have a panic. I still have no symptoms really whatsoever, so I am really thankful I have it.  I haven't been using it too much and will shoot for about once a week if I need it.

With the Easter weekend coming up, we plan to tell more friends and family.  I'm both nervous and excited to do the telling.  This baby will certainly feel more real once we tell more people.  I'm trying to wait till 15-16 weeks to tell work though. The one bright side of not getting back to your pre-baby weight for baby #1 is that for baby #2, you have a ton of regular clothes that still fit you for a few more weeks. My cousin has most of my maternity clothes which I'll need back soon so I'm glad we're planning to tell them this weekend.

....Maternity clothes again....this is surreal....