Monday, June 1, 2015

A Mover and a Shaker

I've reached the 21 week mark and aside from fatigue of caring for a toddler while pregnant, I feel pretty good. I'm still sleeping well, but mostly on my side. Sleeping on my back is uncomfortable and I almost get that "can't breathe" feeling when I do. I am sure it's nature's way of telling me to roll over so I sleep on the appropriate side for baby girl to get her blood flow. 

E is finally out of his sling and starting physical therapy for his arm. Thank goodness. He's able to lift C up to a certain extent which has been helpful because I'm not supposed to be doing it but the kid's got to get into his high chair and crib somehow. He can already climb into his car seat on his own which is good. 

We haven't used the doppler in awhile mainly because I can feel this baby girl regularly now. It's amazing! I know this is my last pregnancy so I'm trying to take in all the happy moments I can. E felt her move in my belly over the weekend which was wonderful for him. I know he feels somewhat disconnected from the baby until he can start to feel her. Pretty soon those kicks are going to get stronger.  If she's anything like her big brother, we're in for some BIG kicking action soon.

My next check up is on the 19th where I'll do my glucose check. I passed last time so I'm hoping we have no issues again. 

And the hand-me-downs have begun to roll in from my sister and cousin. This little gal is going to be set for life when it comes to clothing. I will likely purchase one or 2 special items but otherwise we're set. Next up is to get started on C's big boy room and then make way for an updated nursery. 


  1. Sounds like things are going well! I'm so glad!

  2. So glad all is going well! Hand me downs are the BEST! Love them!!!