Thursday, June 11, 2015

What's Been Going On

Just going to jot some things down today - sorry for no narrative:

- Baby girl moves a lot which I love. Still little kicks here and there...I'm waiting for the big ones that C used to give me.

- I can't believe we're almost at 23 weeks!

- Had a few scares...vaginal pressure one day, out of breath the next. Up until 20 weeks, I'd say these pregnancies were very similar, but not any more.  I can barely walk 3 blocks and I'm winded and need to sit. Carrying laundry up from the basement...oh gosh now. I almost pass out. Plan is to ask OB about all this at next Friday's appointment.

- Had to have my heart checked out the other day via echo. I don't have the results back from the doc but the thought of heading to another appointment is really not my cup of tea. I may call to see if cardiologist will give me results over the phone.

- E is healing from surgery on the road to recovery with PT thank goodness.

- Renovations begin on the attic for C's new big boy room on Monday. YIKES!  There's lots to do to get him settled and turn our beautiful boy nursery into a fitting place for our little gal.

- Names: I've changed my mind 100 times between 2 names for baby.

- When E is in NYC for work, it's really tough to be a single parent.

- C is an amazing kiddo. The imaginative play is what really gets me. So much going on in that head of his.

- I'm tired....but loving every minute of exhaustion and uncomfortableness.

- Trying not to "keep up with the Jones'" is tough, isn't it? I am reminded every morning as I feel my gal kick, that we have everything we ever really wanted in life. 

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  1. Whoo single parenting while pregnant!? You're super mom!