Monday, January 30, 2012

About to Throw Up

Today is beta day.  I went in for bloodwork about a hour ago, and now I have to wait...

I caved on Friday night and was faintly positive. I had never seen one before so I had E come in to inspect. He saw something too. 

I tested 2x on Saturday morning, 2x on Sunday morning and 2x this morning...all positive. I am 14dp5dt or 19 days past ovulation.  I am so nervous though this is going to be a chemical pregnancy, a miscarriage, an name it.  This morning's Answer test seemed less strong than yesterday, but those tests I swear are the worst.  My breasts were really sore on Friday and Saturday...Sunday and today not so much. The presence of symptoms is making me crazy, the absence of symptoms is making me even more crazy.

I'll write more about this whole experience later, but I wanted to update you.  I just can't believe that we'll get our happy ending. 

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