Monday, February 20, 2012


What is with all the freaking pregnant ladies in my yoga class?!?!?! I mean seriously - it's not prenatal yoga - it's power yoga. It's 100 degrees. This is "OMG-my-arms-are-gonna-fall-off-and-even-my-elbows-are-sweating" yoga.  Pregnant ladies... you're killing my focus!

I recently returned to my favorite yoga studio.  I had been instructed by my accupuncturist to stay away from hot yoga - Baptiste and Bikram - because of the hot temperatures.  The fertility meds "heat up" your ovaries so the extra heat is not good for you.  Well since we're on a break for a few months, I decided to go back.  I had been practicing at another, non-heated studio, but it's not the same. In my 6 months at the other studio, I think I ran into one pregnant lady - one.  That I could handle.

Last Sunday was my first class back.  My f-ing instructor was visibly pregnant.  Immediately some 4-letter words ran through my mind.  There were about 2 other pregnant ladies in the class as well.  They're everywhere.  I mean I go to yoga to focus, to exercise, to sweat and not to see pregnant ladies! Get outta my CLASS! Ok rant ending now - just had to vent.  Namaste.  

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