Saturday, April 21, 2012

Icky Icky Icky

Today is day 9 of stims and I just got my report. E2= 2,960 of there abouts. There were 11 follicles which the tech measured but she said there were a lot more in there too. I am to lower my Follistim to 150 and keep Menopur the same. I will go back in the morning for another BW/US check - joy! The only appointment I could get was at 7:15 am so it will be an early morning. I guess that's OK since today I felt so awful, I slept most of the afternoon. I just feel lethargic and tired and my stomach just feels icky.

I am deathly afraid of having the same thing happen during our last IVF happen again. My E2 levels were so high they switched my trigger to Lupron to avoid hyper-stimulation and a few of the docs I've gotten second opinions from have stated that this was likely the reason we had such a poor fertilization rate. I am so nervous they're going to switch me again and I'll have burnt out eggs again.  Dr. Peters from SIRM said that if this happens again, I should ask them if I can coast for a day - meaning no fertility meds but just let my E2 levels even out for a day before trigger. So I guess I can always ask about that.

I'm also nervous because most of my follicles seem to be in the 16-14 range right now and that's not big enough   yet to trigger. I hope tomorrow they get up in the 19-17 range which would be much more promising I think. I'm so incredibly nervous this is all going to go wrong.

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