Tuesday, May 1, 2012

I Can Finally Exhale

Phew.... I can finally relax for a few days.  We had transfer on Sunday and everything went really well.

Of course, Sunday morning we were holding our breath until the doc called to tell us how many embryos we still had.  When he called, he said we had 2 top quality blasts, 2 more that were looking good for freezing and 4 more that were still growing but a little slow.  So we were excited about the news, but then had to discuss whether or not to transfer 1 or 2 embryos this time. 

We've had 2 failed IVF transfers previously - each transferring 1 embryo at a time so we've definitely gone the conservative route, but the most medically and statistically appropriate given my age and embryo quality.  E and I went back and forth on this before the doctor's call and were pretty much set on just transferring 1 embryo one last time.  If we had future transfers to consider, then we'd go with 2. 

After further discussion about the pregnancy rate and the benefit only being slightly higher when transferring 2 embryos AND the chance for twins at 40% we were pretty much set with our choice to transfer 1 of the grade 1 expanded blasts. 

When we got to the clinic, I had an acupuncture session scheduled for pre-transfer which was awesome. It really put me in a relaxed state. Then we had transfer and everything went perfectly, then I headed back down to acupuncture for a post-transfer session as well. I was definitely in a relaxed mind-set throughout the day.  I spent my bed rest watching Sex and the City and every other funny show I could find. I read somewhere laughter was good for implantation.  Whatever works!

We were supposed to get a phone call yesterday about any frozens we might have, but 4pm came and went, and no phone call. I hate that because my mind always jumps to conclusions.  I was able to email my nurse this morning though and she gave me the good news - we have 4 frozen embryos! I am so thrilled.  The most I was thinking we'd have to freeze is 3, but 4 is wonderful.  It makes me hopeful that this cycle will be successful. 

Beta day is 10 days away which will go slowly, but at least we have a trip planned to visit my sister in the midst of all this.  I am hoping it helps to make the time go by faster.

So my little embryo is snuggled inside and all I have to do now is keep it alive.  I am so nervous that my body is rejecting top quality embryos, but hoping that the steroids will help keep our little one safe.   

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