Friday, June 8, 2012

8 weeks 3 days

I'm counting the hours and minutes until our next US.  Hoping and praying that our little one keeps on growing and sticks around for another 7 months so we get to meet him or her.  Each day is a struggle to remember that I'm in a good place. Everything is OK.  I literally have to repeat this to myself on an hourly basis.  Three years of infertility is tough to get over and I just haven't done it in 8 weeks.

I really would like to tell my sister my good news, mostly because I have a zillion questions I need help with.  The first being, how on Earth will I choose an OB?  I know first had not all doctors are alike but when I go in on Wednesday to hopefully graduate from the RE, I'm going to have to tell him who I've chosen.  I'm thinking of doing consults with 2 OBs to at least get a better feel before I commit.  I mean, I have consulted over 8 doctors in our infertility journey, it seems a little ridiculous to just go with the first OB who I can get in with.

I'm still dealing with anxiety over miscarriage and overwhelming feelings with regards to all the choices that have to be made for our near future.  Hopefully, Sunday with my pregnant infertile friends will help me feel a little better.

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