Monday, June 11, 2012

Holy D Cup, Batman

Thought I'd share something fun today rather than bore you with regular updates.

On Saturday I ventured into the lingerie section at Nordstrom to purchase some items for friends' bridal showers coming up this summer. I had some items in my hand and the saleswoman asks if she can start me a room.  I said sure, thanks (FYI - helps me gauge which size to purchase friends if I try things on first - then I know to go up/down a size if needed).  Then she asks, have you been measured? You look like you're about a "D" cup. 

Wait, what!?!? Did she just saw D cup? I almost laughed out loud, but realized she's probably exactly right.  Before pregnancy, I was a C cup and now I'm totally spilling out of my bras so it makes sense that I would be a D cup.  But that just sounds ridiculous to me!  Anyway, E got a kick out of that when I got home and asked if I purchased anything for me.  To his disappointment, I didn't mainly because I don't know if I'll get bigger. I sure hope not because these are big enough, but good lord - never thought I'd be a D! 

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  1. I went from a B to a D and really didn't know what to do with it. Instead, I bought a C and just kinda spill out of it. Something about D just sounds so... fake!!