Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Good News Today

We graduated from our clinic this morning! I am so thrilled. Our little one is measuring right on time at 9 weeks 1 day. Phew - he/she caught right up. Heartbeat is going strong at 182 and we even saw a leg move which was absolutely amazing! 

I have my first appointment with the OB next Wednesday. I decided we're going to go to 2 appointments and then decide who we like because I don't want to just jump into this decision - so we'll go to one OB on Wednesday and the other on Thursday and decide after the second appointment. 

I still really can't believe this was happening.  I was nervous for today's scan but not as nervous as before. Course it didn't help that I had lunch with one of my dearest college friends yesterday who relayed the story of her friend's miscarriage at 17 weeks! I swear - do any of you have friends you love to death but really, they say the wrong thing all the time?!?! That's how my friend is - she doesn't know what she's saying and I think I'm really going to need to have a chat with her. Now she doesn't know I'm pregnant as we aren't ready to share yet, but there are just some things you don't tell someone who's been trying to have a baby for the last 3 years!?!?!

Anyway, really trying to forget about that story for now. I have plans to go to prenatal yoga with my friend on Saturday morning which I'm super excited about. I have really missed yoga and exercise other than walking. E is always hounding me not to jump around, walk too fast or whatever.  I have always been an active person so I'm definitely missing the workouts. 

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