Friday, June 15, 2012

The Shrink

So E went to see a therapist today.  He's been battling some depression almost since we met and I finally convinced him to go see someone on the recommendation of my therapist.  Now today was only the first session, but right off the bat, he tells me she thinks we need marriage counseling. Seriously, who doesn't!?!?!

I mean I'm already in therapy, E's going and now we need more. I don't think so. I hate these therapists where all they do is tell you you need more therapy.  Well, no kidding because that means I'm paying you!  Seriously, if we went to 3 therapy sessions, we'd be spending all of our time and money in therapy and I think we've done pretty good all things considered. 

I love my therapist, but I fully intend on stopping or spacing out my appointments in the near future. I don't think I need continuous therapy.  One of the reasons I like who I see is because she gives credit where credit is due - meaning, she tells me it's great that we still have such a supportive relationship through all this infertility stuff and then gives me concrete things to work on. 

UGH - I'm just really annoyed at this lady E saw who also told him to discontinue his weight loss regimen during this time.  I can't help but feeling like this is a huge mistake because I'm afraid E will gain the weight he's worked so hard to lose. That would be devastating because his health effects our family so much.  Anyway, this is just a vent this morning.  Really, what did we do without therapy - oh yea, there's wine!

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  1. I'm sorry you are having such a hard time. It's hard to find the right fit. Regarding couplers therapy though, I have found it to be really helpful. If you are considering reducing your sessions, what about having couples apps then? I saw an individual therapist for a while, but right now our couples therapist has helped a lot more. It gives us a set time and space to discuss things and we always have great convos after. We talk all the time, but I'm often surprised at the things that come up.

    Just a thought. Thinking of you and hope you both find a rhythm that works for you.