Friday, June 15, 2012

Excerpt from FMLA

Thought I'd share this little FAQ I came across while I researched my leave under the FMLA.

Q23.  An employee with difficulty getting pregnant is going to have fertility treatments.  Can she invoke FMLA for these treatments?

A23.  Inability to get pregnant is not a serious health condition.  Therefore, the employee cannot invoke FMLA for the purpose of receiving fertility treatments.  However, FMLA may be invoked if complications from receiving the treatments result in a serious health condition. (5 CFR 630.1203(a)(3))

UUMMMMM - I beg to differ. Any condition that requires the amount of blood draws, therapy, needle pokes, surgeries, doctor's visits and procedures is most certainly a serious health condition. Wondering how we work to change these laws!?!?!?

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