Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Last Day for Meds!

I am 10 weeks today and it's my last official day of Estrace and Endometrin.  I am thrilled to finally be crossing this milestone. I have to take the milestones where I can, right?

I am of course nervous like most infertiles, that stopping these medications will automatically mean that I'll lose the baby.  I still can't trust yet that my body is capable of sustaining life.  It's a tough one to grasp.  I am comforted by the fact that we have our first OB appointment tomorrow and I can go over all the rest of the meds I'm still taking with him - Metformin, baby aspirin, Folgard and prenatals of course.  Tomorrow is scary and exciting all at the same time.

We still haven't told any family or friends outside of our support group about our news.  If all goes well tomorrow, then I'll be able to tell 2 of my girlfriends from college who I'm having dinner with next week. It will be absolutely impossible to make up a good excuse as to why I'm not drinking with them (as I've already seen the 1 friend and had to use another excuse).  So E and I have discussed and I will be able to share the news with them as long as I swear them to secrecy. No emails to anyone else, no facebook congrats etc.  I am sure I can trust them.

I just can't trust my mom not to tell EVERYONE which is why we've waited to tell my parents.  They proved they couldn't handle keeping the news to themselves at our Ireland vacation last year when my sister told us she was 8 weeks along. My parents told everyone at the rehearsal dinner despite my sister's instructions to keep it to immediate family only!  

We plan to tell our families next Sunday when I'll be 11.5 weeks along.  It will be my mom's birthday and E has come up with this really cute way of telling my mom.  I hope I'm not jinxing things by saying how excited I am to tell people but - I truly am.  Also, part of me wants to tell because if anything goes wrong, I will need their support.

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  1. I was really nervous about stopping progesterone, but it was fine. Actually, I haven't read of anyone who lost their pregnancy because of stopping progesterone. You'll be fine. Really.

    As for telling. It's getting harder to keep it a secret for us too! Especially with the constipation, I look pregnant. We're trying though (except for my immediate family, who know). As for not drinking, I usually say something like "I'm dehydrated and need to start with water" and then never fill my wine glass, or "I took too much tylenol today to try to get rid of a headache and I don't want to kill my liver."

    If you do tell your friends. Enjoy! These are exciting times :)