Thursday, June 21, 2012

My New Docs

Yesterday was my first appointment with the OB.  This is a brand new doctor to me because I refuse to go back to the practice I was just getting my routine paps done at for the last 8 years.  It was a huge practice (15-20 docs) and I thought the few OBs that I had seen were condescending to my IVF journey.  No more going to doctors that I don't like.  So, while I researched the heck out of new OBs, I ended up going with a practice with 2 doctors recommended to me by my RE and a close friend now pregnant with twins after IVF.

E and I arrived 15 mins before our scheduled appointment as instructed and ended up waiting 45 mins to see the doctor.  Now, this practice has routinely been applauded for running on time so first impressions were not looking so good.  Forty-five minutes in an OB waiting room to a infertile person was surreal.  There were visibly pregnant women, babies and kids EVERYWHERE. It felt very strange - like the twilight zone or something. I was so glad E was there with me.

We read through all the NT Scan and cystic fibrosis materials they handed us after checking in - which took all of 10 mins. Then, just the wait. Wait to see the baby - wait to ask the doc questions - wait, wait, wait.  I was nervous something had gone wrong over the weekend because I was having these intermittent cramps so that made the wait even more difficult.

Then, they finally called us. I had to give a urine sample and step on the scale. Honestly, I was pretty nervous for the weigh-in.  I know that I can only gain about 25 pounds and I've already used about about 3 of those - I'm just nervous of really letting my weight get out of control so I'm trying to be very vigilant on what I eat and what the scale says. Anyway, I hopped off the scale and was let into the US room.  A few mins later, a knock on the door and this thin, older man burst in and yells, "You're pregnant!"  I have to say that it took me by surprise - not so much the whole action itself but the words - someone congratulating me on pregnancy.  I am simply not used to that yet.

Dr. E then took a look at the paperwork from my RE's office and asked how many attempts this took us. I took a deep breath and explained the gory story - short version of course. Dr. E looked genuinely concerned and patted my leg telling me that we'd worked so hard to get here and we deserve the utmost of congratulations. He actually used the words, "We've climbed mountains to get here."  I thought I might cry.  He said we could come in at any time to see the heartbeat if we wanted and that he completely understood our anxiety.  He was also thrilled to hear that we had 4 frozen embryos too. I told him we hoped to keep him busy for a few years.  

We did the US and baby was measuring right on schedule with a heart rate about 140. It seemed a little low to me but the doc said that's totally normal as it will go down after 9 weeks and can vary depending on my mood too. So I guess I was more relaxed than I thought.  We got to hear the heartbeat as well which was absolutely incredible. Gosh, I do love modern science.

He did some cultures and I got to skip the blood work! Woo hoo -- since I had a physical back in February for the home study, I had done all the necessary blood work and didn't need to get poked again. I was so excited about this.  We told him about being excited to tell our families and he said that after the NT scan I should be good to go.  This scan and blood work will measure our risk for Downs Syndrome.  My appointment isn't until July 6th.

Honestly, we still plan to tell family next Sunday ahead of the scan because no matter what, this kid is coming  home with us.  Also, I'm at the point where I am really needing support here and if something goes wrong, I want friends and family around to help me.

Each day I get a little stronger in my resolve to think happy thoughts. It's tough, and sometimes I "relapse" but this may be the only time in my life that I'm actually pregnant and I'm trying to enjoy whatever little moments I can.  

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  1. I am so glad your doctor was kind and understanding. Honestly, in my experience, waiting at even the best of obs happens. I try to take a project and a water bottle and focus on knowing I'll see my baby soon. Anything you can do to keep your stress (and BP) down!