Friday, June 22, 2012

The Risks We Take

What do we do when those small percentage risks associated with ART actually land in our laps?  We aren't prepared for them although every waiver we've signed, nurse we've met with or doctor that's treated us has reminded us of the risks associated with ART.

Here's what we do - we look them dead in the eye and sign right there on the dotted line without another thought in our minds because OUR desire to have a child is more important than any of the risks the doctors have just explained - multiples, miscarriage, abnormalities, risks to our lives or other fetuses lives.  I've done it - you've done it.

I found myself sick to my stomach after reading a post about reducing multiples being a "no-brainer" decision.  How can this be?  I would have hoped no matter how many babies were in there, that this was the hardest decision one might ever have to make. I simply don't get that sense at all from the author and that's the part I really can't grasp.  

E and I decided against transferring even 2 embryos because we were not comfortable with even the risks associated with twins although it effectively lowered our success rate.

Now I realize there are a 100 medical decisions that have to be considered with multiple reduction and appreciate the honesty of the blogger - but this is my blog - a place where I can express how I feel and I hope others will respect that as well.  I only hope that I will never have to go through what she's going through, but I know if I did, it would absolutely be the most excruciating decision I would ever make in my entire life. And something that I likely might never fully be at peace with.

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