Friday, June 1, 2012

It's June

I wish it were July!

No more spotting today so far which is excellent news.  I am having a few friends over tonight and am going to have to figure out how to hide the fact that I'm not drinking. With 8 extra people in the house, hopefully no one will notice if I just carry around a glass of wine. I also feel like, as the hostess, I'll be running around and it will be easy to misplace my glass. Heck - I do that half the time anyway when I am drinking so nothing out of the ordinary there.  The only problem I see, is that I really do want a glass. I just want one - I want to chill out - feel normal again. Instead I'm a ball of anxiety all day every day. 

Though we're getting close to Tuesday it still seems so far away.  I can't shake this feeling that my body isn't doing what it's supposed to.  This has to work because I truly don't think I can go through this waiting again.

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