Wednesday, July 18, 2012

I May Never Go Back

To regular clothes again!  Maternity clothes are just so gosh darn comfortable.  I feel like I'm wearing pajamas today and I'm sitting at work.

I purchased a few items back around week 10 mainly because my chest was popping out of my current bra size - so that was the first to go.  Then I got a few sun dresses which didn't look like maternity wear so I could hide my bump at work.  My cousin gave me about 3 large bins of her old maternity clothes which I went through the other day - so much fun. About 1 our of every 3 items fit - but still, I ended up with over 20 pieces of clothing from her. And my sis said she'll send a box as well.

None of my work pants really fit because I seemed to have gained weight directly in my belly and a little in my thighs already - ick. So pants are out.  I have a few sundresses that still work thankfully, but my latest purchase involved a maternity jean skirt. It's so cute and so comfortable.  I joked with E that I might just continue to wear it even when I'm not pregnant because it's so comfy.

I said good bye to some clothes that I know definitely don't fit to make room for the maternity wear.  I packed a pretty good size bin full of things - making sure to make a pile for goodwill of the items I know I won't wear anymore, period.

Mom and dad are in town this weekend and I'm so excited to see them both. Mom has already put in a request for some shopping too it should be a good weekend all around. Now if it will just get here already.

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