Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Updates and Other Randomness

Things seem to be moving right along here at the 14 week point.  Yay second trimester!  We've checked in with our little one a few times recently with the Doppler which has been amazing. I'm so glad I purchased one because it just makes me feel so much better hearing that fast little thud.

I have gained 5 pounds thus far and am trying to keep it strictly the 25 mark my doctor gave me.  I had a fight with Excel this morning while trying to track my weight goal.

My parents will be visiting this weekend and I'm so excited to celebrate with them in person.  I also can't wait to surprise them with the Doppler too.  Since they won't be able to attend any appointments, I feel like it's the next best thing.

The cat is almost all the way out of the bag - we have a few more friends to tell and a few neighbors as well. We have a very close neighborhood. Two families on our street have gone through IVF years ago and have let E and I know they are rooting for us the whole way.  I can't wait to tell them the news.  Except for my one colleague, I haven't told work yet.  I'm just not ready yet for this to be known here in the workplace. I don't really want to have to answer questions about the pregnancy with them, or really talk about being pregnant all the time.  I'm still very nervous something could go wrong and sometimes thinking about the pregnancy too much brings all these worries up.  Work is a little place where I can come in, do my job, and leave at the end of the day.  My mind gets a break from worrying too much about our little lemon.

Also - I will not admit to "pregnancy brain" but I left the grill on for about 20 mins while we went to a neighbor's house to visit on Friday.  I'm just an idiot - plain and simple.  I seriously always hated that phrase /excuse so I will not use it myself.  

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  1. I came out at work in anticipation of weekly doctor's visits...well I told my team anyway, and it's been fine, a non-issue really. I hope the same goes for you!

    Also, I agree about the Doppler. After being unsure at first, I'm really glad that we have it now (even though we've only used it 4 times over the past month or so).