Tuesday, July 10, 2012

NT Scan

Friday was our NT Scan and little peach looked great!  We got to see the baby moving all around which was incredible.  The nasal bone could be detected and the neck measurement was well within the normal limits so everything checked out well. We'll get the blood work results back by Friday but our doc said she wouldn't call unless there was bad news. She said she puts more faith into the physical features than the blood work anyway.

She reassured us that she didn't think this baby was going any where and that we're right on track where we need to be.  We'll go back in 3 more weeks for a quick check-in - hear the heartbeat, weigh-in, ask questions that type of thing but we won't get to see the baby until the 20 week scan which seems so far away.  I'm just thankful things are progressing uneventfully - which is a novel idea for us.

We have made most of the family and friends announcements by now which have all been tons of fun. It's still a little odd not to have to hide the fact that I'm pregnant.  Like it's just a known thing and everyone can go about their business.  Very strange in fact.

I've been in pretty good spirits the last 2 weeks or so and just hoping this keeps up.  Today marks week 13 - which is the last week of the first trimester.  Totally surreal indeed!

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