Thursday, August 16, 2012

It's A...

OMG - we're having a son!  I can't even contain my tears as I write this post.  This makes it so much more real to know that I'm growing our son there.

Our appointment this morning was magical. Yeah, I know, one usually doesn't describe doctor's appointments as magical, but I tell you it truly was.  The gal that did our scan was amazing.  The first thing she asked when we walked in was - "Do you want to know the sex?"  E and I immediately told her our plan, that yes we'd like to know but if she could put it in an envelope for us and we'd open it later together.  She was so excited for this plan.

She began by letting  us know she does the gender part last so she'll turn the screen away so we can't see what she's doing.  Then she launched in to some of the best 30 mins of my life. All baby boy's parts were measuring exactly right - heart, kidneys, skull, legs.  I was grinning ear to ear and couldn't even take my eyes off the machine to look at E.  I was hooked.  We even have a few photos of him (so fun to write) trying to suck his thumb.

We took our envelope with us and met with the doc for a few minutes afterward. She said she was pleased with everything.  My placenta is a little low, not previa, but a little low. She was confident that it would resolve later into the pregnancy so I'm not worrying for now. If it doesn't resolve by the time I go into labor, we'll have to go for a C-section.  Honestly, I'm fine however they want to get this boy into my arms.

E and I waited till we got to the car and then he opened the envelope and told me the news.  The two of us were in tears saying over and over, we're having a boy!  After having waited so long, it's amazing to know who is finally joining our family in a few months.  We feel so blessed to have this healthy little boy and are praying that the good news continues until delivery.

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