Wednesday, October 31, 2012

So Annoyed

I have a few posts waiting in the wings after our long weekend visiting family and baby shower #1 (which was fantastic).  But I just need to vent.

One of my best friends from home announced to me that she was pregnant while we were out there. Thrilled, overjoyed, etc. for her. When I asked how far along she was, she said about 5 week! Uhh, what?  She hasn't even been to the doctor yet to confirm and she's telling me?!?!  Then came the dagger, which I hope she didn't mean:  "Yeah, it was actually pretty easy," she exclaimed.  OUCH, THUD, GET ME OUTTA HERE.  How on earth could she say such a thing to me? My instant happiness for her was wiped clean and now I felt nothing but a whole mix of not-so-nice stuff.  We were home for her sister's wedding so I assumed she just wanted a friend to cover for her when she wasn't drinking, but the strangest things unfolded.

She said she wasn't going to tell anyone so as not to take away from her sister's day, but then proceeded to be glaringly obvious she wasn't drinking at all the pre-wedding festivities. I alerted her to the fact that if she was trying to hide this thing, she was doing a terrible job.  Then, by the wedding day, she was openly telling everyone at the reception she was pregnant. OK so nothing is probably going to happen, but who tells people this news when they haven't even had the pregnancy confirmed by a doctor!?!?

This annoyed me to no end and my friend has been known to try to hog the spotlight a bit in the past. Now instead of being thrilled for her that our kids will be close in age, I'm upset, jealous, angry and dumbfounded by her actions.  Will I ever be able to get over these infertile feelings?

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