Thursday, November 8, 2012

Baby Shower #1

While I was back home for a friend's wedding, my mom hosted a baby shower for me which was absolutely amazing.  There were many helping hands in the effort which made it so incredibly special.  Since there were so many festivities planned around the wedding, the shower was held on a Wednesday evening and I was touched by how many friends attended.  It was surreal being at my baby shower after having dreamed of this moment for YEARS.

Baby's room is being decorated in a modern safari theme - and let's just say, people LOVE a theme!  We served "jungle juice" - as alcoholic concoction that (I'm told) was delicious created by my sister and my friend's fiance who is a bartender. I got the non-alcoholic version.  My sister made the most gorgeous hanging pennants as decorations. She should really go into business on Etsy with these things. They're so unique.  Then there were mini cannolis and cupcakes. The cupcakes had little toothpicks in them with animals  - zebras, giraffes, hippos OH MY!  Let's not forget the homemade sugar cookies in animal shapes that my mom made as favors - "See ya later alligator  they said.  Soo cute!  And the game - of course there was a game as my family and friends love to compete, but I specifically said no weird baby shower games.  Thankfully, they came up with a very cute, and thematic one - guess the gestational period for about 10 different zoo animals.

Everything was adorable and all these little details, coupled with the delicious Mexican food we had catered and the wonderful company truly made this day one I will never forget.  This weekend, my cousins are throwing me a shower for DC friends and family and I'm so looking forward to it.  30 weeks this week and it's finally sinking in that this little guy is coming!

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