Monday, December 10, 2012

OMG We're Getting Close

35 weeks tomorrow!  Seriously?!?  I am going to be a mommy in about 5 weeks - sooner if the critics are correct.  It seems everyone has a comment on when the baby will come or how big I am these days.  I got into the elevator last week and some man said to me, "Oh boy! Boil the water!"  Dude, not going to give birth right here in the hallway thank you very much.

I am looking pretty big these days.  I have gained about 23 pounds so far which I'm OK with. I am trying to stick to 25 but I'm not sure that will really work out in the end. If I'm a few pounds off, I suppose it's not a huge deal.  It's tough with all the goodies for the holidays, but I honestly can't eat a big meal any more. It makes me so incredibly uncomfortable and then I can't sleep.  Not fun, but I'll live.  This is a piece of cake compared to where we were last year.

Yes, last year which I've deemed as the worst Christmas-ever.  It makes me sad to think about how absolutely miserable the two of us were this time last year.  We had failed our first IVF.  That was the year I thought we'd get our Christmas miracle, but sadly no.  We went to the Christmas tree lot - got out and I cried and we left without a tree.  Just didn't have any holiday spirit in me.  We went to Mass on Christmas Eve and left before the entrance hymn.  I just cried and couldn't bring myself to celebrate the birth of a child no matter who it was.  It was terrible but this year is different.

My list of to-dos is slowly getting completed and I finally feel like we're ready.  The hospital bag is mostly packed and we have to put the car seat in the car, but I think all the really important things are done.  Now it's just the nice-to-dos like cooking baking and casserole freezing that I'd like to get finished.  It's tough because I love to cook but my back really hurts if I'm standing for anything longer than an hour.  I will probably just give up on the baking a little this year and have to live with that.

These weeks are flying by and I am so eager to meet this little man.  

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