Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Secret Thoughts

Is it bad that I'm secretly (or maybe not-so-secretly) thrilled that my friend who announced her 5-week old pregnancy at her sister's wedding back in October called me the other day to say that she's had bad morning sickness?  She called to check in on me yesterday but I let the message go to voicemail because I was in the supermarket...and I smiled when I listened to the message. I don't think it's severe, as she said she's just taking some medication for it - but I was a happy that a little Karma was making it's way around.

I haven't figured out when I'll call back because I'm still hurt by her original "it was actually pretty easy" comment but I know I'll have to at some point. I'm thinking email will do just fine in this case.  She's not even past the 12 week mark and is complaining openly - I can only imagine I might have a whole 6 more months of hearing about this.  My therapist says that I could nip that in the bud if I wanted with a quick note saying something like: "Even though I'm pregnant and thrilled right now, we're not done building our family and it's just really hard to hear complaints about being pregnant."  I wonder if she would even "get" that.  It's worth a try I suppose.

Today marks 34 weeks incredibly.  I'm in awe that this is my life and soon we'll be welcoming a little one into our home.  We have waited for this moment for over 3 years and I can't believe 6 weeks is all that stands between us. I've been busily preparing for the holidays and baby's arrival all at once.  Some say that the last few weeks go really slow, but I'm having the opposite feeling because with holiday preparations I feel like things are moving at warp speed. I've officially begun packing my hospital bag...and will wash some of the baby's clothes this weekend too.  It all seems unreal!

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