Friday, May 30, 2014

BTW in Other News - Everyone Else is Pregnant

Why oh why do these things come in waves like this? I mean, I could go 4 months without a pregnancy announcement and then I get 4 announcements in one week. BLECK!

My cousin who lives nearby is expecting - ok so we knew that one.
My sister is expecting her second - that one I wasn't really expecting but should have been, but it was gut wrenching especially since I was trapped in my own house with her for their 10-day visit after the announcement. JOY!
Good friend from high school is expecting.
Another friend I grew up with who struggled to have his first now expecting twins - yay clomid! 

Who else? I know there's more. Oh the little girl in C's class that's just a few months older than C - Hmm I passed her mom on the way out of daycare yesterday. Yup, expecting #2.

I'm debating on when to take a HPT. I'll try to wait till next Friday but that's they day we're leaving for the beach for the weekend to attend a wedding. We are taking my cousin with us so if it's negative, I'll be pissed being stuck in the car with her the whole way up. Maybe I should wait till Friday afternoon. Who knows - I'll likely breakdown and test Thursday night to get it over with.


  1. Still sending positive vibes! I know those announcements can really hurt!

  2. J, just catching up on blogs. Hoping this Hail Mary FET is the one. It's so hard when everyone around you is pregnant. Thinking of you!