Tuesday, May 6, 2014

FET 4.0 aka The Hail Mary

Yeah, this was supposed to work the first time around back in October, remember? I was so hopeful then and nervous that we'd end up with a family much larger than expected. Now, 8 months later, here we start on our last FET with our very last embryo. I was so naive to not think of this possibility. Of course, it was always in the way way back of my head, yet - here we are.

Lining was nice and thin yesterday and hormones looked good so we started del estrogen IMs last night. It's like deja vus in our house with this stuff. It's so routine I don't even flinch at the needle any more. Don't most people wash their face, brush their teeth, use the restroom and then inject themselves with a 3 inch needle full of hormones before they turn in?

C's transition to the toddler room continues to be difficult, but I think we're getting somewhere. Yesterday was his first day where he napped with the big kids on his own little cot. He slept for almost 2 hours which is much better than what he'd been doing in the infant room. It's just too noisy for him there to get much rest. In toddlers, everyone sleeps at the same time and it's dark and quiet and they play music. WOW - you could tell he did well with the extra sleep because he wasn't cranky yesterday evening at all. Hoping we've turned a corner with the napping. Now I just wish we could avoid the meltdowns during drop off.

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