Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Charades, Sign Language and High Fives

In need of a light post today after the drama of my birthday evening. For those keeping track - I actually triggered last night for a retrieval tomorrow at the crack of dawn. After a circus of phone calls, cursing, tears and thank yous we were able to find day care for C starting at 5am as I am scheduled for the FIRST appointment tomorrow and need to be at the clinic at 6am, an hour before day care even opens. WTF!

C will be 18 months old on Thursday. I can hardly believe it, but each day, I can't wait to see what's next with our little boy. I love scooping him up from his crib with his messy hair as he asks for his "mo-mo" (milk). At last we have turned a corner on the "daddy-phase" and finally mommy has a fighting chance now for some really really great snuggling.

His language skills are getting better and better each day.  He now, quite easily can repeat a new word back to me so E and I must be more careful with our language.  As C is learning to use words more frequently, so too have the tantrums begun.  He gets frustrated easily when E and I can't quite understand what he's saying over and over again.  He know sign language for "more," "please," "all done," and "thank you" but for that last one it's more like he's blowing a kiss. For the words we don't understand, we resort to asking 100 questions as C's good at "yes" and "no" but sometimes we just can't get it. Then the screaming, red face and refusal to move part ensues. Strangely, these tantrums don't really bother me that much. I know it's C's way of letting it all out when mommy and daddy can't figure it out.

The other day when C was repeating "donner" "donner" about 10 times he had a meltdown because neither E nor I had a clue. We tried everything we could think of to try and elicit a "yes" answer. It wasn't until the next morning when E triumphantly walks into the bedroom exclaiming he's solved the "donner" mystery.  Seriously, I think he felt like a champion for figuring out C wanted to hear "Old McDonald."  Go figure! But we take all of our parenting successes seriously. 

18 months - what a milestone and it just keeps getting better. E and I feel so lucky that IVF worked for us and are so nervous about this go round.

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  1. Aw my 1-1/2 year old gets so frustrated when we can't figure out what he's saying too! It's a fun age, but tough!