Thursday, July 24, 2014

Eggs are OUT!

I survived egg retrieval yesterday - 26 eggs and still waiting on the fertilization report. I'm expecting to have a pretty big drop off like we did last time.

In the 2 hours before retrieval I was in so much pain - back pain, bloating, cramping. Actually, it was worse than the labor pains I felt with C.  Considering I didn't get past 3cm dilated and never needed an epidural to deal with those contractions, I guess I wasn't in "real" labor but this pain was bad. When they finally came to walk me into the operating room, I practically ran in there and jumped on the table, disregarding my instructions to repeat my SS# and date of birth. Hhaha I had to apologize for my lack of listening and the nurse even commented that it was OK and it just seemed like I was eager to go. She was right. I woke up groggy and in some pain. I asked for meds and was given them shortly - Lord it felt better. I spent most of the day in bed with Vicodin as my cramps were bad and I was sore.

I'm still really sore today but I'm at work...trying not to move. Chugging Gatorade and protein. I can barely get anything down though as I still feel full and look pretty bloated. I am so hoping this goes away in a day or 2. I'm peeing clear pee though which is good and haven't gained weight, but keeping a close eye on any OHSS symptoms.

All I keep thinking about is transfer and the PGS results but E keeps reminding me we need to take it one day at a time. And he's right. There will be no transfer if we don't get a good fertilization. Fingers crossed.

Oh and we did have some good news Tuesday night - E got the job he's been interviewing for. We are thrilled and he's very excited so we're 1 for 2 this summer. Now hoping for that BFP to complete the deal.

UPDATE: 14 mature eggs and all 14 fertilized! Still in a bit of shock, but I know the #s will go down as we go along.  Please, please let one of these be my baby.

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  1. I'm glad it went well and I am praying for a good fertilization report! Congrats on E's job and hopefully the BFP will follow!