Saturday, August 2, 2014

Cramping and Insomnia

Neither are fun. It's 11 pm and I should be getting my rest while I can because I'll be up half the night dealing with C's hand foot and mouth virus. Poor guy didn't sleep much last night so neither did we. I am expecting similar events to transpire tonight but I can't seem to escape my body or my mind right now. Usually when I need an escape it's wine or hot baths (lots of times together) but they're not allowed in the TWW which is cruel. So I'll settle for Tylenol which hopefully will ease the cramps so my mind can rest. Might need to make it a double whammy and go for the Benadryl too.

Cramps are not a good sign in my long infertility history. They're bad bad news and I feel so crushed in this moment knowing how high the hopes were. How high they still might manage to get over the next tortuous week. I felt oddly nauseous earlier and of course the hope-o-meter went thru the roof. Now I'm sure it's over and resenting my early optimism. Stupid.


  1. I am the opposite - the one time I cramped around 8dpo was the time I was pregnant...anyway. I know what you mean. I am having (ahem TMI little craps in the lady parts) and that is never a good sign. One more week of keeping the faith xxx

  2. The roller coaster ride of infertility is so not far. Ugh sorry for your disappointment and your babe's hand and foot situation. Hoping brighter days are in your near future. Hugs!