Monday, August 4, 2014

When to Test?

After every cycle, I always ask E when he wants to test. He always says, "Well whenever it's going to be reliable." UGH, well it's likely reliable now as I'm at 6dp6dt or 12dpo but it's still not out of the realm of possibility to get a false negative. Highly unlikely though.  The HCG trigger is likely all the way out of my system by now so there's no worry of that. It's more a matter of how much longer do I want to continue to hope for. 

Taking the progesterone meds this time around is much easier so it's not like I'm even being tortured by giant PIOs up until the test. Suppositories are a piece of cake compared. Also, I had hoped to wait to test until after I had some news about my 2 remaining embryos - of course hoping that one of those would be normal and I'd have something to cushion the blow of a negative HPT. I don't think I'll get the results back before Thursday.  So when should I test?

I went back to look at all my past cycles to see when I tested previously to check:

IVF #1:  Negative HPT at 14dpo (recorded constant cramps from 12dpo onward).
FET #1: Positive HPT at 16dpo with "perfect beta" at 19dpo (chemical, no cramps recorded)
IVF #2: Positive HPT at 15dpo with great beta at 17dpo (recorded cramps at 12dpo, success!)
FET #1: Negative HPT at 14dpo (cramps remembered at 11dpo)
FET #2: Negative HPT at 14dpo (recorded cramps at 9dpo)
FET #3: Negative HPT at 15dpo
FET #4: Negative HPT at 10dpo and 14dpo (cramps remembered at 9 or 10dpo)
IVF #3: ?????? cramps at 10dpo.  When I have these 2-3 hours of cramps, it's never a good thing.

 So here we are and I'm pretty sure I've convinced E that we're out as well.  He looked sad when we discussed things yesterday briefly. I ought to wait until Wednesday at least which is 14dpo but I think I'll stretch it one more day to Thursday morning.  The FRERs are in my Amazon cart and will get here in 2 days. Doing my best to hit "order" until tomorrow morning so I won't be tempted to test ahead of time. The things we do, right?

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