Saturday, December 6, 2014

Holding my breath

I'll cut to the chase- we tested and its positive! Holy crap!

I tested yesterday morning and it was a bit of a squinter which made me so anxious. The FRER really looked negative at first but then i started to see something. E couldn't see it though. I took a wonfo too and it showed up faintly there as well. In the afternoon, the FRER looked slightly darker but still i thought at 9 days past, i should have a stronger line. 

This mornings line at 10dp was great! Not as strong yet as the control but definitely not a sqinter. So I'm going to be happy for today. Beta is not until Tuesday and only then will we really know whats going on but for now, im still PUPO.

Yesterday when i thought it was negative, i got so angry and was ready just to give up on IVF. E reminded me of our one frozen left and i just said i wasn't sure it would even work. But now, I'm encouraged to cycle on even if this doesn't turn out the way we hope. Seeing stark white 5 times in a row is very discouraging. 

Still no symptoms except thirsty all the time. And ill likely wait till tomorrow to test again. 


  1. Yayyyyyy!!!! Congratulations and so many prayers to you!

  2. Oh my goodness! This is the best news!! Looking forward to your update on Tuesday!! So happy for you!