Monday, February 23, 2015

Dear Fate...

So if I promise not to tempt you. If I promise not to let my guard down for longer than 2 minutes. If I promise to live in the moment as much as possible...will you please let this pregnancy continue uneventfully for the next 8 months?

So far there hasn't been any more bleeding over the weekend. Thank goodness. There's just been a little bit of brown discharge here and there. There was more brown on Thursday but now I only see it about once a day. 

Today's scan went very well. Baby was still measuring behind but measured 4 full days of growth since we had our last US 4.5 days ago.  We're still technically behind by 4 days at 6w5days but I'm trying not to let that get to me.  They measured the heartbeat at 121 which was great.  We are so incredibly relieved.

They were able to spot the source of the bleeding a bit better today. Apparently it looks like a little pocket of blood under the sack. It's much smaller than it was last week which is encouraging. I could still see some more bleeding of course so that scared the crap out of me. But it's really good that the pocket looks smaller. Apparently, last week they could see something but it was foggy and filled with blood. Today the "blood blister" looked clear and empty..and much smaller.

I am so scared still but trying to take a few moments to take a few deep breaths. We go back in a week to check on things. 

I am still super thirsty and today was the first day that my breasts felt a tiny bit sore. I know that can come and go.  Constipation is hit or miss. Actually the nervous tummy has been really good for that. Sorry, if that was TMI. E and I are taking things one scan at a time.

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